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About Baobab Avenue

Hey hey! We're chuffed you've chosen to check out Baobab Avenue. Here's to an enjoyable ethical adventure together :D

You can find out more about our amazeballs team, how we choose and vet the brands we feature. We've also gathered a load of handy tips and advice from ethical fashionista pros to help us all engage in slower, more sustainable fashion - looking after the planet and all the peeps involved.

Why Baobab Avenue?

We get asked this all the time, why did you create Baobab Avenue, and why the name?

The team

We're the Baobab Bunch! A merry band of bandits, who envisioned a world where shopping for ethical and sustainable fashion could be a pleasure and delight. We’ve pooled our varied skills to realise that dream in the beaut that is Baobab Avenue.

Join as a brand

We’re always hunting and foraging for beautiful brands who share our vision of an ethical and sustainable fashion future. If you’re one such brilliant brand who wants to make shopping for your amazing ethical and sustainable fashion pieces super easy

How we vet brands

This is über important! We have an expert ethical advisor who carefully checks the ethics and sustainability credentials of all the brands that we feature on Baobab Avenue.

Our sustainability policy

Running a sustainable organisation can be a tricky business so we headed to the tried and tested One Planet Living framework to ensure we’re as sustainable as poss.

Support Baobab Avenue

All aboard! We’re on a mission to make ethical and sustainable fashion mainstream; by making it super simple to find and buy. You can help be part of this important fashion revolution.

How we make money

We're all about being as transparent as possible, both with the products and brands you'll find here on Baobab Avenue, and with how we run our business. Find out how we make money to keep ourselves fuelled with fair-trade bananas!