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How we make money

We're all about being as transparent as possible, both with the products and brands you'll find here on Baobab Avenue, and with how we run our business. Find out how we make money to keep ourselves fuelled with fair-trade bananas!

We love the fact that ethical and sustainable fashion is a rapidly growing market. Ram-packed full of truly amazing peeps who all share a vision of making the planet a better, more balanced place by transforming the way clothes, shoes, and accessories are made. They’re ensuring their products are created with consideration for the environment and the people involved in the entire process.

We’ve developed marvellous, mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationships with some of the great brands you’ll find on Baobab Avenue. So when you buy their products as a result of clicking through from Baobab Ave we’ll share a small portion of the sale value.

It’s our mission to make shopping for ethical and sustainable fashion as easy as pos’ and one way we achieve this is by having as many brands and products in one spot. So we don’t exclude any brands that are doing great stuff but haven’t yet joined in partnership with us.