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Why Baobab Avenue?

We get asked this all the time, why did you create Baobab Avenue, and why the name?

Why Baobab Avenue?

A couple of years ago we watched the documentary True Cost. It moved us as much as it shocked us, and like many other viewers, it was a catalyst for changing how we shopped for our clothes.

But time after time we found it really hard work to find the products which ticked our boxes and matched our personal values while also appealing to our sense of style.

Many late night, wine-fuelled conversations later, discussing this vital market we realised that we could use our skills and experience as developers and digital people to come up with a solution - enter Baobab Avenue.

What’s in a name?

Lenny (the big brains behind Baobab Avenue) grew up in South Africa and was joined by her husband and co-founder Ceri for about 6 years there. The African landscape completely under their skin and they’re definitely at their most chilled when cruising through the bush.

One of the most wondrous sites in the African savanna is the Baobab tree. Known as the tree of life this tree is a great symbol of sustainability in African culture. Its hollow trunk provides shelter for humans and animals, its fruit provides food, and it can hold an incredible 120,000 litres of water providing a vital thirst quenching source during a drought.

The Baobab tree also lives for an incredibly long time with the oldest tree reported to be in South Africa at 6,000 years old!

What better symbol is there to represent a world away from fast fashion, a world where clothes are designed to last a lifetime, are made in harmony with the planet, and enrich the lives of the people who make them.

And “Avenue”? Inspired by the glamourous high streets of the world our virtual avenue represents our collection of the many incredible brands that are emerging in this wonderful world of sustainable and ethical fashion, where you can happily walk, browse, and shop with confidence and pride.